Developer Mode

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Developer mode allows for many in-game tools to be used.
Developer Mode can be accessed by Opening the settings file in the root Crea folder and changing "developer_mode" to true.
Enabling Developer Mode disables achievements on both Characters and Worlds loaded.

Game Commands: Game commands can be used to perform many tasks and can even be added onto. They can be used by typing the command into your chat box.





Help /help <command> Displays a list of all available commands. Adding the optional command attribute will display the help text for the command selected.
Spawn mob name> <amount> *<level> Spawns an item or a mob where your mouse is pointed. All items and mobs are lowercase when using this command. Items with a space in their name are instead replaced with an underscore.
* Only mobs can use the level attribute.

Aerlike /aerlike "A new Aer has been born." Increases XP and TP in all stats including character level by 30,000, as well as setting each character stat to 999. In addition, this command sets HP and SP maximum to 999, Breath maximum to 100,000, and enables invincibility.
Level /level <amount> Levels every stat including your character by the amount selected.
Buff Me /buffMe Increases XP and TP in all stats including character level by 30,000.
Respawn /respawn Respawn at your attuned crystal immediately.
I Know Everything /iknoweverything "Yes you Do!" Learns all crafting recipes.
Warp /warp <x coordinate, y coordinate> Warps the player to the selected coordinates.
Lore /lore Gives the user all lore pages.
Time /time <hour> Sets game time to specified hour.
Privilege /privilege <player> Shows the chosen player's privilege level.
Promote /promote <player> Promotes the chosen player to the next privilege level.
Demote /demote <player> Demotes the chosen player to the previous privilege level.

Debug Rendering: Pressing F3 will toggle debug draws which can show bounding rectangles.
Toggle Lighting: Pressing F4 will toggle the lighting in game. Any blocks fully rendered will become fully lit. Any blocks completely darkened will instead become invisible.
Dungeon Spawning Pressing F5 will spawn a randomly generated dungeon crystal near you.