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In Crea the majority of items are obtained through crafting them. Crafting is a simple process but in order to craft an item you first must obtain that item’s recipe. There are several means to acquiring recipes: monster loot; treasure chests; quests; and, most importantly, the Researcher NPC. There is a limit on the recipes you can research based off of your craft level.

After obtaining an item recipe, you must obtain the materials needed to craft the item. Additionally, many items will require you to be near “ crafting surfaces” such as an Workstation or Forge. To make the process of crafting easier, materials in nearby containers will be accessible during crafting. This means you can stash all of your ingots in a treasure chest next to your Forge. As long as the item is in a storage container nearby, the required item does not have to be in your inventory.

On the crafting tab in your talent page (default 'T') is a list of skills used in crafting. These can be used to influence the Chaos process and mitigate condition or triggers. Using your skills in response to the changing conditions and quality progress is the art/science part of crafting. Luck plays a role in the ultimate quality of your crafted item. Your crafting experience, level of recipe, and skills affects the initial quality of the item you're crafting.

Passive Talents

  • Expertise big.png Expertise: Increases a crafted item’s potential maximum quality.
  • Innovate big.png Innovate: Increase s ability to research higher level recipes.
  • Scrap Master big.png Scrap Master: Research has an increased chance to yield an additional scrap piece.
  • Catalyst Research big.png Catalyst Research: Adds additional catalysts count during crafting.
  • Material Master big.png Material Master: Gain an additional % to craft’s initial quality.

Chaos Crafting

Chaos crafting is a mini-game that gives you a chance to roll armor and weapons with extra stats. The object of the game is to use various crafting talents to maximize the quality and keep the chaos as low as possible.

Chaos crafting menu.jpg

Active Talents


  • Attach as many tools to your crafting stations as you can find. Pick the right tools on the workstation before beginning your crafting session.
  • Use catalysts for higher level items to help in reducing the bad luck factor in getting back to back bad trigger effects. Don’t forget to craft some catalysts from your way crystals before starting to craft an important item.
  • Use the crafting of ingots to test the various skills and timing vs. the trigger effects. Learn the combos that avoid or minimize bad effects and maximize good ones.
  • Use ‘chaos’ button for ores and gems, ore will return 1-3 extra ingots and you can get double the gems for your efforts.
  • Use ‘chaos’ button for wood will produce better quality lumber.
  • Take your time and look at the 'Next Trigger' value to see what's coming and plan to counter act or take advantage of the new condition.
  • Put some large chests near each of your crafting stations and put those items most used for that station in them. Then you won't have to carry all the items in your inventory to craft.
  • Fill these chests full with items, then you can use the Deposit button and it will only put in things that are already there, leaving your adventure supplies in your inventory. There is a Stack button and this only puts items in the chest that's already there, however, it will put all of the stacks in your bag if there's room.
  • Balance mitigation of bad conditions with advancing quality. The more triggers that have passed increase the Chaos per step penalty for each subsequent skill used.

Crafting Surfaces

Crafting surfaces have upgrades that can be found in loot chests and there is a limit of 5 per station.


Forge attachments complete.jpg
  • Blacksmith Hammer - Modifies 'Convert Chaos', +25% chaos conversion to quality
  • Slack Tub - Prevent Chaos from being gained for one step every 8 steps
  • Ingot Mould - +25 initial quality (ingots only)
  • Bellows - +25% quality and +25% Chaos


Workstation attachments complete.jpg

Syle Chamber:

Syle attachments.jpg



Hand.png Hand
Name Type Subtype Description
Researcher Outfit.png Researcher Outfit Basics Outfits The simple outfit of one who practices the sciences.
Name Type Subtype Description
Carpenter Tools.png Carpenter Tools Basics Essential tools for any carpenter.
Smithing Tools.png Smithing Tools Basics
Name Type Subtype Description
Adamantite Ingot.png Adamantite Ingot Alchemy Smelting A bar of refined adamantite
Adamantite Shield.png Adamantite Shield Armor Shields A strong shield made primarily of adamantite.
Adventurer's Mattock.png Adventurer's Mattock Tools Mattock A tool commonly carried by seasoned explorers.
Aersword.png Aersword Weapons Swords Each section of this sword has been blessed by a different Aer, rendering it incredibly powerful.
Agmore Breeches.png Agmore Breeches Armor Legs Even though most soldiers in the Agmore Brigade had only light training, they were at the frontline in the war.
Agmore Chestplate.png Agmore Chestplate Armor Chest Lightweight armor worn by the soldiers of the Agmore Brigade.
Agmore Helm.png Agmore Helm Armor Head Every soldier wore their helmet with pride while fighting for the Dantrest Empire.
Agmore Spear.png Agmore Spear Weapons Spears A simple and sturdy spear used by Agmore soliders.
Agmore Sword.png Agmore Sword Weapons Swords Standard issue for the Agmore soldier.
Artisan Broadsword.png Artisan Broadsword Weapons Swords A fine sword forged with beautiful detailing.

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Name Type Subtype Description
Acano Bed.png Acano Bed Home Furniture Perfect for winter nights, this bed produces its own source of warmth.
Acano Chair.png Acano Chair Home Furniture Made with the essence of lava and fire. Don't sit on it for too long.
Acano Chandelier.png Acano Chandelier Home Lighting The design is inspired by Acano, the volcano where Aegnix resides.
Acano Table.png Acano Table Home Furniture The hot surface of the table keeps food steaming hot.
Acano Table Lamp.png Acano Table Lamp Home Lighting The smouldering fire crystals give off a smoky scent.
Adamantite Arrow.png Adamantite Arrow Weapons Ammo Aeolus, send our arrows flying swift and far.
Adamantite Quiver.png Adamantite Quiver Weapons Ammo A prayer to Aeolus is stitched on the band.
Agmore Bow.png Agmore Bow Weapons Bows The archers of the Agmore brigade were crucial in fighting flying monsters during the war.
Alatrian Bed.png Alatrian Bed Home Furniture An extravant bed, as might be found in the bedchambers of the royal palace.
Alatrian Chair.png Alatrian Chair Home Furniture Beautifully carved in polished wood.

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