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These are all the tools available in game or located in the game files. To add an item, fill out the Add New Item form.

Name Power Level Description
Adventurer's Mattock.png Adventurer's Mattock 30-40 7 A tool commonly carried by seasoned explorers.
Bone Mattock.png Bone Mattock 17-20 1 Bone makes for a relatively lightweight tool.
Ivory Mattock.png Ivory Mattock 56-64 17 Even a mountain couldn't stand in the way of this mattock.
Makeshift Tool.png Makeshift Tool 14-17 1 A rock tied to a stick with a vine.
Osmium Mattock.png Osmium Mattock Used for chopping and digging
Pioneer Mattock.png Pioneer Mattock 21-25 4 Slightly stronger than stone, but still heavy to carry.
Spirit Mattock.png Spirit Mattock 104-116 30 Many rumors circulate as to Tarum Timirum's ultimate fate.
Sylic Mattock.png Sylic Mattock 38-48 12 An embedded syle core gives this mattock an unusual strength.
Terra Mattock.png Terra Mattock 70-80 21 Made of common elements of the ground, the terra mattock responds to its own kind.
Name Power Level Description
Bloom Grappler.png Bloom Grappler 20 An impressively designed tool that can shoot up to four grapples at a time.
Drill.png Drill 25 This grappler has a very short range, but is able to break through multiple blocks.
Gold Grappler.png Gold Grappler 16 The double grapples and gold construction make this grappler worthy of a king.
Grappler.png Grappler 5 Use to grapple to a wall or pull monsters towards you.
Invisible Grappler.png Invisible Grappler 10 A thin, simple grappler that fires very quickly.
Prickly Grappler.png Prickly Grappler 25 The prickly spines lodge themselves in enemies, inflicting them with a bleed effect.
Stinger Grappler.png Stinger Grappler 15 Made from the tail of a zabis, this grappler inflicts a strong poison on enemies.
File:Syle Manipulator.png Syle Manipulator
Terra Grappler.png Terra Grappler 15
Name Power Level Description
Alatrian Lockpick.png Alatrian Lockpick "Tentiat, steal the Abeo's war plans and all your past grievances shall be forgiven." - Etheous
File:Ancient Key.png Ancient Key
Ancient Lockpick.png Ancient Lockpick
Dark Lockpick.png Dark Lockpick
Gold Key.png Gold Key Abeo engrave Gildor's symbol onto any important treasure chest.
Gold Lockpick.png Gold Lockpick Those who steal are destined to be stolen from.
Imperial Lockpick.png Imperial Lockpick Lockpicking skill required. A lockpick capabable of picking locked Imperial Chests.
Shadow Bucket.png Shadow Bucket Shadowfolding fundamentally changed the transportion of goods.
Shears.png Shears A popular children's fable is ‘How the Speep Got Its Spring.'
Silver Key.png Silver Key Prevent those vile ortomi from stealing stored valuables.
Silver Lockpick.png Silver Lockpick Lockpicking is often seen as a crime against Gildor.