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"A way crystal"

From the Developers:
Because Crea’s biomes are randomly generated, they are always totally new worlds for players to explore. However, after playing in one world for awhile it starts to become too familiar. While it it’s wonderful to start from scratch and create a totally new world every once in awhile, sometimes players just want another dungeon to delve into. To remedy this, Crea will have what we are calling realms.

A realm is an entirely new area to explore separate from the main world but still accessible by special means. New realms can become available through exploration, unlocked by completing a quest or killing a boss. Travelling between the world and realms is done through the use of Way Crystals; large crystals that allow teleportation.

Way Shards slowly grow nearby the crystals and players can harvest them. Players are able to attune themselves to a single crystal and immediately transport there at anytime by using a shard. Shards can also be used at a crystal to travel to other crystals the player has found. Players can create temporary Way Crystals called Rifts anywhere by using a Way Cluster.

Enemy Dungeon[edit]

Realm crystals may appear after killing an enemy. Interacting with the crystal will teleport the player to a mini-dungeon with enemies scaled to your level. Defeating all the enemies in the dungeon reveals a loot chest and a crystal out.

Dungeon Crystals[edit]

These take the player to a challenge realm and disappear upon use. Dungeon realms can have various modifiers and varying criteria to activate the exit crystal. Red crystals take the player to the next floor and blue crystals exit the realm. For multi-floor dungeons, all levels share the same modifiers, but each level has separate objectives. The Dungeoneer can be paid to create custom dungeons with different modifiers. Having a grappler, or similar gadget tool may be necessary to enter these Dungeons.

Modifier Notes
Critical Strike Both the players and monsters attacks are always critical hits..
Speedster Massively increased movement speed and jump height.
Experience Points Bonus Experience gains are increased by 50%.
Experience Points Reduced Experience gains are decreased by 50%.
Talent Points Bonus Talent Point gains are increased by 50%.
Talent Points Reduced Talent Point gains are decreased by 50%.
Nullify Heals Prevents healing spells. Regeneration buffs on armor still work.
Assassin Modifier Both the players and monsters attacks are a one hit kill.
Scorching Ground Running along the ground tiles will slowly damage the player.
Spontaneous Combustion Timed Bombs appear on the player and can be transferred to enemies through attacks.
Knockout All attacks have knockback.
Slippery Ground The ground is slippery, like ice.
Status Effects Attacks will apply Burn, Poison or Vampirism.
Drop Rate Bonus Item Drop Rates are increased by 50%.
Explosive Monsters Monsters explode on death.
Extreme Monsters Enemy levels increased by 3-5 levels.
Invisible Monsters Enemies are invisible until attacked.
Reincarnation Enemies resurrect once upon death.
Monster Revenge Monsters gain 1 level for each enemy that you kill.
Running Blind Map is unavailable.
Paragon Galore All enemies are their paragon variants. Very good for obtaining Contained Chaos.
Monster Affix: Fast All monsters have the "Fast" affix.
Monster Affix: Rich All monsters have the "Rich" affix.
Monster Affix: Tank All monsters have the "Tank" affix.
Monster Affix: Vampirism All monsters have the "Vampirism" affix.
Monster Affix: Syle Burn All monsters have the "Syle Burn" affix.
Monster Affix: Knockback All monsters have the "Knockback" affix.
Monster Affix: Teleport All monsters have the "Teleport" affix.
Monster Affix: Vortex All monsters have the "Vortex" affix.
Monster Affix: Death Bomb All monsters have the "Death Bomb" affix.
Monster Affix: Summon Minions All monsters have the "Summon Minions" affix.
Monster Affix: Waller All monsters have the "Waller" affix.
Monster Affix: Bad Touch All monsters have the "Bad Touch" affix.
Find the Exit Simply get to the exit crystal. It is not locked
Kill all Monsters Every monster on the level must be killed to unlock the exit. A counter is shown.
Do not kill Monsters If any monster is killed, the player is ejected from the dungeon. The exit is not locked.
Kill the Paragon Leader Kill all paragon monsters on the level. A counter is shown.
Flip the Switches Find and activate a number of switches throughout the level. A counter is shown.
Exit Before Connection Closes A timer counts down. The player is ejected if it runs out. The exit is not locked.

Ice Dungeon[edit]

An ice themed dungeon that contains chests, icicles that produce Ice, Cold Torches, and Lacierra Dressers. Enemies include Glow Bats, Iferos, Torrend, Stegara, and Venfear.

Magma Dungeon[edit]

A magma / volcano themed dungeon that contains chests, molten rocks that produce Stone, Torch, Acano Chair, Acano Table, Dresser of Death, and Skull Candle. Enemies include Zabis, Ortomi, Torrend, Glow Bat, and Aegnite.

Forest Dungeon[edit]

A forest themed dungeon that contains chests, Forest Torch, Lorumite Dresser, Lorumite Table, and Lorumite Chair. There are also Tree Stumps, Tree Log, and Mossy Roots that drop Wood and Lumber. Enemies include Lanteed, Torrend, and Cortess.

Castle Dungeon[edit]

A classic castle dungeon that contains chests, Torch, Skull Candle, Dresser of Death, Alatrian Chair, and Alatrian Table . Enemies include Tenebrass, Glow Bat, Oil Slime, Quaridin, and Ortomi.