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Stone big.png
Tooltip Common rocks, useful for crafting into basic bricks.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
5 999

Name Category Subcategory Description
Carved Stone.png Carved Stone Home Building Ancient stone, pillaged from the walls of the palace.
Fireplace.png Fireplace Home Decoration Hail Aegnix, keeper of the flame that warms our homes.
Fireplace Brick.png Fireplace Brick Home Building A brick tile that matches the fireplace.
Forge.png Forge Basics Stations An essential to every smith's workshop enabling ore smelting and metal shaping. Can be enhanced with attachments.
Imbuing Chamber.png Imbuing Chamber Basics Stations Capable of breaking down pure Remna and imbuing materials to strengthen them.
Llama Statue.png Llama Statue Home Decoration Behold.
Makeshift Tool.png Makeshift Tool Tools Mattock A rock tied to a stick with a vine.
Novice Spear.png Novice Spear Weapons Spears A basic spear, used by new trainees.
Stegara's Rampage Boots (Lv20).png Stegara's Rampage Boots (Lv20) Armor Accessories One of the most feared beasts on the face of Crea, their anger even causes Silvan to tremble.
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow Weapons Ammo A crude and heavy arrow.
Stone Brick.png Stone Brick Home Building The foundation of many Abeo homes.
Terra Mattock.png Terra Mattock Tools Mattock Made of common elements of the ground, the terra mattock responds to its own kind.