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The Home portion of the crafting menu contains various items such as decor, building, and furniture. Most of the items in the home section are intended to build homes and make them homey. To add an item, fill out the Add New Item form.

Name Type Description
Acano Bed.png Acano Bed Furniture Perfect for winter nights, this bed produces its own source of warmth.
Acano Chair.png Acano Chair Furniture Made with the essence of lava and fire. Don't sit on it for too long.
Acano Table.png Acano Table Furniture The hot surface of the table keeps food steaming hot.
Alatrian Bed.png Alatrian Bed Furniture An extravant bed, as might be found in the bedchambers of the royal palace.
Alatrian Chair.png Alatrian Chair Furniture Beautifully carved in polished wood.
Alatrian Nightstand.png Alatrian Nightstand Furniture The Alatrian style of furniture, which was preferred by Alatro Baritus, is known for its opulent elegance.
Alatrian Table.png Alatrian Table Furniture A table worthy of a rich feast.
Altar.png Altar Furniture Show off where you like to keep your valuables!
Bamboo Bed.png Bamboo Bed Furniture Just because bamboo furniture is light weight, that doesn't mean it doesn't have to be comfortable.
Bamboo Chair.png Bamboo Chair Furniture Bamboo furniture is prized by nomadic merchants for its light weight and flexibility.
Bamboo Dresser.png Bamboo Dresser Furniture The bamboo gives clothing a fresh smell and keeps away moths
Bamboo Nightstand.png Bamboo Nightstand Furniture Bamboo furniture can often be found in the tents of traveling army generals.
Bamboo Table.png Bamboo Table Furniture General Gallant preferred bamboo furniture while he was on campaigns.
Bed.png Bed Furniture Here to welcome tired explorers at the end of the day.
Bone Bed.png Bone Bed Furniture Sweet dreams.
Bone Table.png Bone Table Furniture Intimidate your dinner guests.
Chair.png Chair Furniture Not recommended for keeping monsters at bay.
Chaos Bed.png Chaos Bed Furniture Being tied to the Dream Realm, this bed emits an unsettling aura. Any dreams to be had in this bed will surely be unpleasant.
Corsaltus Compass.png Corsaltus Compass Furniture An old compass said to always point to the Abeo's true home.
Dresser.png Dresser Furniture The great tree of Atrea is a favorite motif for Abeo homes.
Dresser Of Death.png Dresser Of Death Furniture A dresser for those who are not afraid of the darkness of Altenna.
Dresser of Death.png Dresser of Death Furniture A dresser for those who are not afraid of the darkness of Altenna.
Lacierra Bed.png Lacierra Bed Furniture Crafted from ice, but covered in thick blankets to keep out the chill.
Lacierra Chair.png Lacierra Chair Furniture The Northern Continent, Lacierra, is a frigid place where only a few hardy Abeo reside.
Lacierra Dresser.png Lacierra Dresser Furniture The people of the Northern Continent are known for their ability to carve ice into sophisticated furniture.
Lacierra Table.png Lacierra Table Furniture Creates a sparkling atmosphere for your dinner guests.
Lorumite Bed.png Lorumite Bed Furniture May you sleep surrounded by the bounty of Silvan's blessings.
Lorumite Chair.png Lorumite Chair Furniture The seat is craftily woven from flexible leaves.
Lorumite Dresser.png Lorumite Dresser Furniture The Lorumite people are known for respect for the natural world, which reflects in all their crafts and culture.
Lorumite Nightstand.png Lorumite Nightstand Furniture A charming nightstand made of a single tree stump.
Lorumite Table.png Lorumite Table Furniture Lorumite craftsmen pride themselves on preserving the natural shapes and textures of the materials they use.
Mannequin.png Mannequin Furniture A plain mannequin, useful for displaying outfits or sets of armor.
Nightstand.png Nightstand Furniture The perfect height for placing next to a bed.
File:Nightstand Of Death.png Nightstand Of Death Furniture Keep your friends close, keep the bones of your enemies closer.
Nightstand of Death.png Nightstand of Death Furniture Keep your friends close, keep the bones of your enemies closer.
Small Table.png Small Table Furniture A table for two.
Table.png Table Furniture Still only two spots to place chairs.

Name Type Description
Antlers.png Antlers Decoration A symbol of good fortune for hunters.
File:Auri Bonsai.png Auri Bonsai Decoration
Blank Screen.png Blank Screen Decoration An unpainted rice paper screen.
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf Decoration Adds a little culture to the room.
Fireplace.png Fireplace Decoration Hail Aegnix, keeper of the flame that warms our homes.
Flower Vase.png Flower Vase Decoration 'The Daughters of Silvan' is a popular lullaby about wildflowers.
Globe.png Globe Decoration A miniature globe of Crea scaled down to 1:41,777,000. Primarily used as a statues symbol.
Large Tapestry.png Large Tapestry Decoration A woven depiction of the legendary llamacorn, lavishly illuminated with golden thread.
Llama Banner.png Llama Banner Decoration May the llama smile upon your household.
Llama Statue.png Llama Statue Decoration Behold.
File:Long Curtains.png Long Curtains Decoration Crafted from soft and sheer fabric, to let in the light.
Marshmallow Screen.png Marshmallow Screen Decoration A rice paper screen depicting the beautiful marshmallow trees of the Sidella plains.
Painting.png Painting Decoration Bring a little art into your home
Pot.png Pot Decoration A handmade clay pot with a simple design.
Potted Plant.png Potted Plant Decoration A tall plant with thick, large leaves.
Quaridin Screen.png Quaridin Screen Decoration A rice paper screen featuring a school of gracefully floating quaridin.
File:Scroll Of Marshmallow Tree.png Scroll Of Marshmallow Tree Decoration Since Parneus passed away, his famous painted scrolls - and convincing forgeries - have reached astronomical prices in the markets.
File:Scroll Of Speep.png Scroll Of Speep Decoration "As the speep leaps upon its spring, so my heart leaps for thee." - Ancient love poem
Scroll of Marshmallow Tree.png Scroll of Marshmallow Tree Decoration Since Parneus passed away, his famous painted scrolls - and convincing forgeries - have reached astronomical prices in the market.
Scroll of Speep.png Scroll of Speep Decoration " As the speep leaps upon its spring, so my heart leaps for thee." - Ancient love poem.
Shield Decor.png Shield Decor Decoration A decorative shield lends an imposing feel to a room's decor.
Short Curtains.png Short Curtains Decoration Let the light in.
Silk Curtains.png Silk Curtains Decoration Rich and lavish curtains in the Alatrian style.
Small Tapestry.png Small Tapestry Decoration An artful depiction of a quaridin in shimmering silver thread.
Squirrel Painting.png Squirrel Painting Decoration SquirrelPaintingFlavor
File:Target Dummy.png Target Dummy Decoration
Teapot.png Teapot Decoration Tea made from the leaves of the leaves of the Auri tree is said to grant visions of Atrea.
File:Wall Map.png Wall Map Decoration A giant map perfect for an empty wall.
File:Weathered Tree.png Weathered Tree Decoration

Name Type Description
Acano Chandelier.png Acano Chandelier Lighting The design is inspired by Acano, the volcano where Aegnix resides.
Acano Table Lamp.png Acano Table Lamp Lighting The smouldering fire crystals give off a smoky scent.
Candelabra.png Candelabra Lighting Only wealthy Abeo are able to afford enough candles to light these beautiful candelabras.
Candle.png Candle Lighting Cleaner and less smelly than torches, candles are preferred by the wealthy.
Chandelier.png Chandelier Lighting An impressive way to light up a room.
Ghost Lantern.png Ghost Lantern Lighting The shell of a ghost plant gives off an eerie light.
File:Lacierra Chandelier.png Lacierra Chandelier Lighting Sparkles with the frozen light of the famous ice caves.
File:Lacierra Lamp.png Lacierra Lamp Lighting Because their unusual glow gives off a chill, Lacierra Lamps are often used in the summer instead of fireplaces or torches.
Lantern.png Lantern Lighting Hung during the festival of Sano in the spring, which celebrates the rebirth and healing of the environment.
Lorumite Chandelier.png Lorumite Chandelier Lighting An elaborate chandelier that celebrates the natural world.
Lorumite Lamp.png Lorumite Lamp Lighting A lamp made of a preserved Lanteed blossom.
Lorumite Table Lamp.png Lorumite Table Lamp Lighting The light from the lamp brings out the fresh fragrance of the Lanteed blossom.
Skull Candle.png Skull Candle Lighting A little creepy, but ok.
Small Lantern.png Small Lantern Lighting A small and unobtrusive light.

Name Type Description
Bone Door.png Bone Door Building Keeps away salesmen.
Bouncy Block.png Bouncy Block Building An unusual substance that allows for extra-high jumping.
Carved Stone.png Carved Stone Building Ancient stone, pillaged from the walls of the palace.
Clay Brick.png Clay Brick Building The foundation of many Abeo homes.
Damask Wallpaper.png Damask Wallpaper Building A fancy patterned wallpaper.
Door.png Door Building May Gildor guard your threshold.
Dots Wallpaper.png Dots Wallpaper Building A charming patterned wallpaper.
Fireplace Brick.png Fireplace Brick Building A brick tile that matches the fireplace.
Gold Brick.png Gold Brick Building Line the walls of your home with gold.
Leaves.png Leaves Building A solid wall of leaves.
Lorumite Column.png Lorumite Column Building Twisting, rustic woodworking is the pride of Lorumite architecture.
Lorumite Wall.png Lorumite Wall Building A wall with hints of roots and leaves.
Obsidian Brick.png Obsidian Brick Building Brickwork as dark as the night.
Paper Screens.png Paper Screens Building Decorative, hand-painted screens featuring traditional motifs.
Plaster.png Plaster Building A simple plaster wall.
Shingles.png Shingles Building
Shingles Pagoda.png Shingles Pagoda Building A colorful shingles tile.
Shingles Pagoda Corner.png Shingles Pagoda Corner Building A shingle with slightly upturned edges.
Stone Brick.png Stone Brick Building The foundation of many Abeo homes.
File:Stripe Wallpaper.png Stripe Wallpaper Building A simple patterned wallpaper.
Stripes Wallpaper.png Stripes Wallpaper Building A simple patterned wallpaper.
File:Vine Wallpaper.png Vine Wallpaper Building A wallpaper pattern inspired by nature.
Vines Wallpaper.png Vines Wallpaper Building A wallpaper pattern inspired by nature.
Window Panel.png Window Panel Building
Window Panes Panel.png Window Panes Panel Building
Wood Block.png Wood Block Building Simple wooden planks nailed together horizontally.
Wood Floor.png Wood Floor Building Simple wooden planks used for flooring
Wood Wall.png Wood Wall Building Simple wooden planks nailed together vertically.