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Candle big.png
Category Home
Sub Lighting
Effect Provides a soft golden glow.
Tooltip Cleaner and less smelly than torches, candles are preferred by the wealthy.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
20 2 99
Ingredient Req.
Bronze Ingot.png Bronze Ingot 1
Oil Clot.png Oil Clot 2
Surface Prod.
Forge.png Forge 1

Name Category Subcategory Description
Chandelier.png Chandelier Home Lighting An impressive way to light up a room.
Ghost Lantern.png Ghost Lantern Home Lighting The shell of a ghost plant gives off an eerie light.
Lantern.png Lantern Home Lighting Hung during the festival of Sano in the spring, which celebrates the rebirth and healing of the environment.
Lorumite Chandelier.png Lorumite Chandelier Home Lighting An elaborate chandelier that celebrates the natural world.
Skull Candle.png Skull Candle Home Lighting A little creepy, but ok.
Small Lantern.png Small Lantern Home Lighting A small and unobtrusive light.