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Name Type Subtype Description
Assassin's Blade.png Assassin's Blade Weapons Swords The blade has been permanently stained with blood.
Battle Ranseur.png Battle Ranseur Weapons Spears A deadly triple-bladed spear.
Bejeweled Mattock.png Bejeweled Mattock Tools Gems of different colors are inlaid along this mattock, making it appear more like a piece of art than a tool.
Blood Tide.png Blood Tide Weapons Spears A spear that hungers for death.
Bloodlust.png Bloodlust Weapons Spears A double-bladed spear that comes with a pre-impaled skull.
Blue Glass.png Blue Glass Alchemy Smelting A glass orb with a blue tint
Broadsword.png Broadsword Weapons Swords A sturdy sword forged from iron. It shows much potential.
Bronze Armor.png Bronze Armor Armor Chest Later in the war, when resources began to run low, new recruits were outfitted with this.
Bronze Cap.png Bronze Cap Armor Head The soft metal provides little protection and was never intended for a real war.
Bronze Ingot.png Bronze Ingot Alchemy Smelting A bar of refined copper.