Modify Catalyst

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Modify Catalyst
Modify Catalyst big.png
Talent Craft
Base Effect Step Cost:3, Duration:1, -5 Chaos when catalyst is used
Leveling Info
Skill Level Unlocks at TP Cost Description
1 2 500 Unlocks ability
2 600 Increases duration by 1 steps
3 700 Reduces Step cost by 1
4 800 Increases duration by 1 steps
Modify Catalyst (MC) has a Step Cost of 2, Duration of 2, and no Recharge. It is great at high skill levels, and uses catalysts, for the duration, to remove Chaos. So prepare some catalysts before difficult crafting and use them immediately after that skill to get some nice quality bonus that removes Chaos. Once this skill is used, you must use the Catalyst button at the bottom of the interface to get the benefit, not the Refine skill. Raising this skill reduces its cost and raises its duration.