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Polish big.png
Talent Craft
Base Effect Step Cost:3, Duration:6, Recharges:9, Each Step: +1 Quality
Leveling Info
Skill Level Unlocks at TP Cost Description
1 2 500 none
2 8 600 Increases duration by 2 steps
3 17 Recharge time is shortened by 4 steps
4 23 800 Increases Quality Gain by 1
5 35 900 Increase duration by 2 steps
Polish has a Step Cost of 3, Duration of 8, and a Recharge of 7. It is a useful skill (buff) that adds quality every step when active, but cost 3 steps. This is useful for two 'Triggers': "half quality gain" (HQG) and "+7 chaos every skill"(7Sk). So, you can skip 3 steps and gain 7 chaos instead of 21, and also gain some quality later. For HQG, it limits the duration of the halving of your quality; this might be good if the next trigger is helpful or avoidable. Raising this skill reduces its cooldown, raises its duration, and improves the quality gains.