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Name Type Subtype Description
Alatrian Nightstand.png Alatrian Nightstand Home Furniture The Alatrian style of furniture, which was preferred by Alatro Baritus, is known for its opulent elegance.
Alatrian Table.png Alatrian Table Home Furniture A table worthy of a rich feast.
Altar.png Altar Home Furniture Show off where you like to keep your valuables!
Antlers.png Antlers Home Decoration A symbol of good fortune for hunters.
Bamboo Bed.png Bamboo Bed Home Furniture Just because bamboo furniture is light weight, that doesn't mean it doesn't have to be comfortable.
Bamboo Chair.png Bamboo Chair Home Furniture Bamboo furniture is prized by nomadic merchants for its light weight and flexibility.
Bamboo Dresser.png Bamboo Dresser Home Furniture The bamboo gives clothing a fresh smell and keeps away moths
Bamboo Nightstand.png Bamboo Nightstand Home Furniture Bamboo furniture can often be found in the tents of traveling army generals.
Bamboo Table.png Bamboo Table Home Furniture General Gallant preferred bamboo furniture while he was on campaigns.
Beast Breeches.png Beast Breeches Armor Legs Throughout the years the design has changed very little, but the biggest innovation is the Ortomi's tongue. The extra padding does wonders.