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Feather big.png
Tooltip "Finding a discarded feather is said to be a sign of Sano's favor."
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
30 99
Looted From
Bird.png Bird
Blackbird.png Blackbird

Name Category Subcategory Description
Gold Arrow.png Gold Arrow Weapons Ammo These arrows look like shafts of sunlight flying through the air.
Healer Outfit.png Healer Outfit Basics Outfits The sacred robes of one who serves in the healer's guild.
Iron Arrow.png Iron Arrow Weapons Ammo Folktales are sung about the Agmore archers, who are considered heroes of the common man.
Research Desk.png Research Desk Basics Stations Papers filled with notes are scattered about.
Silver Arrow.png Silver Arrow Weapons Ammo The arrows fell like a deadly silver rain upon the Aers' monster army.
Stone Arrow.png Stone Arrow Weapons Ammo A crude and heavy arrow.
Wood Arrow.png Wood Arrow Weapons Ammo Flimsy, unreliable arrows.