Blood Rain

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Blood Rain
Blood Rain big.png
Category Weapons
Sub Bows
Effect Causes the enemy to bleed over time.
Tooltip A barbaric weapon, rarely used in sport or hunting.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
400 40
Weapon Stats
Power 82-86
Special Attributes [[Has Weapon_Special::+[1 - 2] Knockback Power, [33 - 40]% chance to inflict Lv1 Blood Rain]]
Enchantment Slots 2
Level to Equip 43
Ingredient Req.
Purified Sinew.png Purified Sinew 3
Purified Horn.png Purified Horn 3
Nightmare Bone.png Nightmare Bone 4
Dead Seed.png Dead Seed 6
Soot.png Soot 14
Surface Prod.
Workstation.png Workstation 1