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Chaotician big.png
Class NPC
Hostile? No

The Chaotician is an NPC in Crea.

Summoning and functionality[edit]

To summon the Chaotician, the player must craft a Chaotician Outfit and place it on a Mannequin. Instead of accepting Auri, they will trade Chaos for their goods.


Item Price Type Description
Chaos sano shard.png Chaos Sano Shard Chaos 1 Basic The hatred had overwhelmed her and she could not take it anymore.
Remna of paragon.png Remna Of Paragon Chaos 1 Basic (Remna Tier 4) Powerful remna reinforced with chaotic energy.
Jug.png Jug Chaos 20 Alchemy A huge container used in alchemy.
Sano mask.png Sano Mask Chaos 100 Armor Now divorced from her emotions her mask remains indifferent