Refined Horn

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Refined Horn
Refined Horn big.png
Effect Long and white. Useful for recipes and weapons.
Tooltip The Lorumite hunters keep the largest torrend horn that they gained from hunting, as a trophy.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Looted From
Paragon Torrend.png Paragon Torrend
Stegara.png Stegara
Torrend.png Torrend

Name Category Subcategory Description
Bore Shot.png Bore Shot Weapons Bows A powerful bow that sends arrows piercing through enemies.
Heister.png Heister Weapons Spears A weapon sometimes used by the Adamantite Guard.
Horned Helm.png Horned Helm Armor Head General Gallant commanded the Dantrest army long before the war ever started.
Ivory Mattock.png Ivory Mattock Tools Even a mountain couldn't stand in the way of this mattock.
Mintus Rod.png Mintus Rod Weapons Wands Conservation of Syle is the second principle of the Path of Mages.
Ranseur.png Ranseur Weapons Spears With a tusk for the middle point, and fangs for the side, this spear is truly beastly.
Siege Bow.png Siege Bow Weapons Bows A beefy metal bow.
Swift Glaive.png Swift Glaive Weapons Spears The giants of the Nemalt Forest were said to use spears such as these.
Thornmail.png Thornmail Armor Chest Known for his fearless tactics, General Gallant ensured he was always at the forefront of every battle.