Refined Syle Core

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Refined Syle Core
Refined Syle Core big.png
Effect Usable in chaos crafting to increase quality.
Tooltip "Clevates should have been branded a traitor for consorting with Eutress and constructing the golems!" - Minister of War
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
100 99
Looted From
Aegnite.png Aegnite
Amone.png Amone
Cortess.png Cortess
Iferos.png Iferos
Paragon Aegnite.png Paragon Aegnite
Tenebrass.png Tenebrass
Venfear.png Venfear

Name Category Subcategory Description
Arcane Rod.png Arcane Rod Weapons Wands A staple wand in any mage's arsenal..
Enchanted Breeches.png Enchanted Breeches Armor Legs Crafted for the few mages that supported the Agmore Brigade.
Enchanted Hood.png Enchanted Hood Armor Head Provides very little protection itself but does have the added bonus of giving the wearer a mysterious look.
Enchanted Robe.png Enchanted Robe Armor Chest Enchanted by priests faithful to the Aer long before the war broke out. The sylic powers have already started to fade.
Iferos Blade (Lv20).png Iferos Blade (Lv20) Weapons Swords A sword made from the ice blades that iferos golems swing
Inclivus Virge.png Inclivus Virge Weapons Wands A sacred verge designed for Green mages, who prefer the arts of healing rather than war.
Replere.png Replere Weapons Swords A large sword embedded with a floating Syle Core.
Rune Shield.png Rune Shield Armor Shields Glowing runes are etched into the surface and then filled with molten syle core.
Syle Ring.png Syle Ring Armor Accessories The blue sparkle of the syle core is reflected by the sapphires on either side.
Sylic Blade.png Sylic Blade Weapons Swords A gold-syle alloy endows this blade with a magical attack.
Sylic Bow.png Sylic Bow Weapons Bows A shimmering bow infused with sylic energy.