Syle Core

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Syle Core
Syle Core big.png
Effect Usable in chaos crafting to increase quality.
Tooltip "Clevates should have been branded a traitor for consorting with Eutress and constructing the golems!" - Minister of War
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
60 99
Looted From
Amone.png Amone
Venfear.png Venfear

Name Category Subcategory Description
Divine Gloves.png Divine Gloves Armor Accessories Soft and delicate gloves crafted for healers.
Enchanter Outfit.png Enchanter Outfit Basics Outfits Very few truly know how to manipulate Remna. They are known as the Remni.
Sylic Bomb.png Sylic Bomb Weapons Throwing Clevates invented the sylic bomb with the help of Eutress, and took that knowledge with him when he left her.
Sylic Gloves.png Sylic Gloves Armor Accessories Sylic energy is woven into the fabric of these gloves.
Sylic Mattock.png Sylic Mattock Tools An embedded syle core gives this mattock an unusual strength.