Way Shard

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Way Shard
Way Shard big.png
Effect Can be used to transport the user to their attuned crystal.
Tooltip "A way shard excites the remna inside of them, causing them to be warped to their attuned way crystal." - Scholar
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
10 99

Way shards can be obtained by mining shards from the ground near a Way Crystal

Name Category Subcategory Description
Acano Chandelier.png Acano Chandelier Home Lighting The design is inspired by Acano, the volcano where Aegnix resides.
Acano Table Lamp.png Acano Table Lamp Home Lighting The smouldering fire crystals give off a smoky scent.
Catalyst.png Catalyst Basics Essentials After Crea became corrupted by chaos, Abeo discovered that catalysts have the effect of partially nullifying that chaos.
Corsaltus Crystal.png Corsaltus Crystal
File:Lacierra Chandelier.png Lacierra Chandelier Home Lighting Sparkles with the frozen light of the famous ice caves.
File:Lacierra Lamp.png Lacierra Lamp Home Lighting Because their unusual glow gives off a chill, Lacierra Lamps are often used in the summer instead of fireplaces or torches.
Scavenger Outfit.png Scavenger Outfit Basics Outfits The well-worn outfit of one who travels throughout Crea, hunting for lost valuables.
Way Crystal.png Way Crystal Basics Essentials "It is believed that Etheous set up the way crystal network to enable the other Aer an easy way to visit Atrea." - Scholar