Beast Helm

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Beast Helm
Beast Helm big.png
Category Armor
Sub Head
Tooltip With the abundance of creatures on Tantas, the required materials are not hard to come by. And yes, many monsters were harmed (severely) in the making of this armor.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
200 20
Armor Stats
Defense 13-19
Mind 9-15
Special Attributes [[Has Armor_Special::Reduces roll cost by [3 - 5] SP]]
Enchantment Slots 2
Level to Equip 24
Ingredient Req.
Refined Leather.png Refined Leather 4
Refined Fur.png Refined Fur 3
Refined Vine.png Refined Vine 3
Frill.png Frill 4
Surface Prod.
Workstation.png Workstation 1