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Dreamcloth big.png
Tooltip Dreamcloth is believed to be the very fabric that makes up the dream realm.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
200 20 99
Looted From
Dormian.png Dormian

Dropped by Dormian

Name Category Subcategory Description
Illusory Shroud.png Illusory Shroud Armor Chest Tantas formed an army overnight and made this their official soldier uniform.
Inferist Rod.png Inferist Rod Weapons Wands In exchange for its power, this wand is said to cause nightmares in the user.
Moonbeam.png Moonbeam Weapons Swords A blade that shimmers with a magical light.
Mystic Pants.png Mystic Pants Armor Legs Mystics prefer to work at night, claiming that the light of Solunais blinds them to the delicate nature of syle energies.
Mystic Robe.png Mystic Robe Armor Chest The ultimate goal of the mystic community is to establish a direct line of communication with Crea.
Rage Strike.png Rage Strike Weapons Spears The lopsided design makes this spear difficult to wield, but deadly in the hands of an expert.
Shinobi Kusari.png Shinobi Kusari Armor Chest Favored by the assassin society, the kusari uniform helps the wearer avoid detection.
Syle Corps Hood.png Syle Corps Hood Armor Head Every Abeo child dreams of being chosen for the elite Syle Corps, but only the most talented and intelligent youngsters are so honored.
Syle Corps Leggings.png Syle Corps Leggings Armor Legs When talent scouts for the Syle Corps visit villages, they are treated with the utmost hospitality.
Syle Corps Robe.png Syle Corps Robe Armor Chest Ancient runes of protection and power are embroidered into the robes of every Corps member.
Winged Lance.png Winged Lance Weapons Spears May Aeolus lift you up over precarious places.