Condensed Chaos

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Condensed Chaos
Condensed Chaos big.png
Category Basics
Sub Essentials
Effect Can be used to further corrupt an Aer before summoning it.
Tooltip Imbued with the power of Remna, this chaos is capable of further corrupting even the strongest creatures.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
Ingredient Req.
Contained Chaos.png Contained Chaos 1
Remna of Blaze.png Remna of Blaze 1
Remna of Gale.png Remna of Gale 1
Remna of Quake.png Remna of Quake 1
Remna of Radiance.png Remna of Radiance 1
Remna of Torrent.png Remna of Torrent 1

If used in boss area before summoning Sano, Dormian or Gildor, it will boost boss's level up to 35 (making it much stronger as the result) and unlocking a proper piece of Dantrest Medalion as loot

Name Category Subcategory Description
File:Chaotician outfit.png Chaotician outfit Basics Saturated in Chaos. Surely no good can come from this.