Strider Chestplate

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Strider Chestplate
Strider Chestplate big.png
Category Armor
Sub Chest
Effect Gains a chance to parry based off the players movement speed.
Tooltip Despite its impressive size and appearance, strider armor is lightweight and designed to allow the wearer to move with ease.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
400 40
Level to Equip 41
Ingredient Req.
File:Purified Oil Clot.png Purified Oil Clot 6
Purified Carapace.png Purified Carapace 5
Nightmare Bone.png Nightmare Bone 3
Corium Ingot.png Corium Ingot 6
Ashberry.png Ashberry 12
Surface Prod.
Workstation.png Workstation 1