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Ashberry big.png
Effect Used to plant ashberry bushes. Only grows in soot.
Tooltip Dark berries that are poisonous unless cooked.
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
30 99
Looted From
Ashberry Plant.png Ashberry Plant

Harvested from Ashberry Plants

Name Category Subcategory Description
Harvest Gloves.png Harvest Gloves Armor Accessories Similar to the durable gloves farmers wear during harvest.
Impact Gloves.png Impact Gloves Armor Accessories Every digger's best friend.
Shinobi Hakama.png Shinobi Hakama Armor Legs These pants are made of a special blend that is designed not to rustle when worn.
Shinobi Kusari.png Shinobi Kusari Armor Chest Favored by the assassin society, the kusari uniform helps the wearer avoid detection.
Shinobi Zukin.png Shinobi Zukin Armor Head The zukin hood is a respected symbol of mystery and secrecy.
Strider Breeches.png Strider Breeches Armor Legs Striders are highly regarded for their speed and endurance.
Strider Chestplate.png Strider Chestplate Armor Chest Despite its impressive size and appearance, strider armor is lightweight and designed to allow the wearer to move with ease.
Strider Helm.png Strider Helm Armor Head On the battlefield, striders are often placed in the front line, to intimidate the enemy.
Sylic Potion.png Sylic Potion Alchemy Cooking Syle can be found in all living things.