Remna of Aeolus

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Remna of Aeolus
Remna of Aeolus big.png
Category Basics
Sub Remna
Tooltip "Leave me out of this war, or I'll blow you away." - Aeolus
Buy Price Sell Price Stack
150 99
Ingredient Req.
Remna of Gale.png Remna of Gale 3
Looted From
Ortomi.png Ortomi
Paragon Ortomi.png Paragon Ortomi
Paragon Quaridin.png Paragon Quaridin
Quaridin.png Quaridin
Venfear.png Venfear

Name Category Subcategory Description
Etheous Sword.png Etheous Sword Weapons Swords The powers of all the Aer originally came from Etheous, the Companion.
Remna Fountain.png Remna Fountain Basics Remna Capable of slowly accumulating Remna fragments to coalesce into a Remna Core.
Ventella.png Ventella Weapons Swords May the wind always be at your back - Archer's Blessing
Windancer.png Windancer Weapons Spears The name of Aeolus is etched on the handle.