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Characters have talents (default 'T') that represent the character's proficiency in a field. Currently, there are five talents. Arms, Syle, Gather, Craft, and Explore. By performing actions related to the talent your character will occasionally gain talent points. For example by crafting items or learning new recipes you may gain TP for your Craft talent or hitting a monster with magic may yield TP for the Magic talent.

After accumulating enough TP your character's talent will level up. With enough TP you can spend it on purchasing and upgrading skills. Leveling up a talent grants access to new skills and skill upgrades. There will be a mixture of active and passive skills. Active skills are skills that can be added to the toolbar and used as an action such as a magic spell. Passive skills are always affecting the player such as "Defense Up".

Idols can be used to channel different elements for Syle.